County Committee members nominate and vote for county, state and federal candidates and play a critical role in the selection of who will run for office.  They are also the “boots on the ground” workers for the Democrat Party.  They carry out the grass roots work of helping to get Democrat candidates elected to office on the local, state and federal level.  They volunteer in many ways including Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts by organizing phone banks, knocking on doors, placing signs, and hosting neighborhood events to name a few.  In addition, they help candidates and elected officials connect with the community by helping them understand the issues most important to their neighbors and fellow residents.

The Cherry Hill Democrats Column 6 Committee candidates are a diverse group of people that come from all different backgrounds who volunteer their time to help advance democratic values by doing the work necessary to elect Democrat candidates.  The group is made up of both experienced committee members and new progressive members who will work together as a team to ensure the success of Democrat candidates.  They believe a united Democratic Party is critical to continue moving Cherry Hill forward while protecting our community against the effects of the Trump agenda.